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Walking seaweed.

Observed: 16th June 2013 By: Featherless bipedFeatherless biped’s reputation in InvertebratesFeatherless biped’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found in rockpool. About 40mm across carapace. Covered in seaweed and seashell fragments/sand. Pear shaped shell. I think now I should have photographed it's underside.

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any more pics?

underside front etc - these pics make this very difficult to sp as the discerning features cant be seen. I guess it has the general shape of Hyas araneus and the eye stalks too. However Maia squinado has these properties too. A rostrum photo would have been good. The size rules out Pisa and Inachus.

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Sorry Gramandy

I took a few photos, but they were all from the same position. By the time I'd returned to the pool it had buried itself. I'll remember to photograph underside/front next time.