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Pill Beetle (Byrrhus pilula)

Observed: 25th May 2013 By: Martin D. ParrMartin D. Parr’s reputation in InvertebratesMartin D. Parr’s reputation in Invertebrates
130400 Bisons hill 5342
130400 Bisons hill 5365
130400 Bisons hill 5358
130525 Bisons Hill 5306
130525 Bisons Hill 5308
130525 Bisons Hill 5316
130525 Bisons Hill 5325

Found on a roadside verge through chalk downland at Bisons Hill Bedfordshire.

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Thank you Sue!!

Many thanks Sue, I think your ID looks spot on!! I'd never heard of these.

A quick bit of research shows that there are up to 13 species of British "Pill Beetles" Byrrhidae and Limnichidae and I found a key on Mark Teflers website ( shows some of the key ID features. Most of these can be ruled out on features shown, but my 2 pics don't cover some of the key points such as tibia shape, so I will upload a few more that hopefully will help others confirm your ID.

Many thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards, Martin