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Unknow plant June 14

Observed: 14th June 2013 By: fransjemanfransjeman’s reputation in Plantsfransjeman’s reputation in Plantsfransjeman’s reputation in Plantsfransjeman’s reputation in Plants
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Scrophulariaceae - Scrophularia nodosa 9-002
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Scrophulariaceae - Scrophularia nodosa 8-001
Scrophulariaceae - Scrophularia nodosa 10-003

Seen on side of road, 400 m alt. Some are almost 2 m height

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I looked at the topography on satelite does nt seem to be much water about


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Changed my agreement to S. auriculata. Went on unwinged stems at first, but broad papery edge to sepals has changed my mind. May be other species in Europe for all I know!

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Even in Britain ...

... there is Scrophularia umbrosa.

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Really ? Thats quite interesting I have never come across it - is it confined to a particular latitude ?


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Scrophularia umbrosa ...

... (if that's what you're asking about) is described by Streeter as "rare and local". I've never seen it. I have seen Scrophularia vernalis once - in woodland at Threave Gardens in Kirkcudbrightshire.

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These were the alternatives I

These were the alternatives I 've found: S. alpestris, but leave is different; S. Scorodonia, but sepals very different; S. nodosa, but structure stem is different (also capsule's shape...); S. balbisii, but bracteas are different and ratio length/width of stamina and finally S. auriculata, where all descriptions fit except that is was not close to water, but we had about 1 month havy rains and this plant was on the lowest part of a road wher water could have been accumulated...