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Red clover

Observed: 15th June 2013 By: jane rjane r’s reputation in Plantsjane r’s reputation in Plantsjane r’s reputation in Plants
red clover

wet lowland meadow

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No interactions present.

Species with which Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) interacts


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Change it to red clover and

Change it to red clover and click on 'recommended'.

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red clover

how do I 'change it' to red clover? When I did this by some means or other before I was told not to, that it can be changed ... sorry to be dim


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i-spot help

1. Its all very confusing Jane on i-spot :-) Once an ID is logged it cant really be changed other than by renentering by which tiime some one may have entered it ahead of you ,

2. Robert means I think when you are enterring the identification to use the get recommmended button to bring up the Scientific name so that you have a full Common Name and A latin you will find more agree

3. Finally when it is enterred confirmed by many people you might need to go into the edit function ( A Tab to the right when you open your observation ) just to change the observation title , not many people do this and it can cause confusion as when you scroll over the thumbnail the name of what you originally called the observation appears and does not change even though it has been confirmed and highlighted within the observation field in your case I think the change to make is from Clover (Observation Title) to Red Clover which is pretty close as a title in any case

Hope this helps and is not too complicated

Best Wishes


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Couldn't put it any better

Couldn't put it any better Colin - thanks.

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... to both of you, I hope I've done it correctly!


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Looking good to me, keep

Looking good to me, keep going Jane and hope to see many more of your entries - Robert