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Strange pond creature

Observed: 15th June 2013 By: Keen learnerKeen learner’s reputation in InvertebratesKeen learner’s reputation in Invertebrates
2013-06-15 11.09.45

We built a pond about a month ago and this strange creature has appeared. At first, we thought it was a caterpillar or slug which had fallen in but it has been there for a couple of days now so assume it is something else. Any help welcome!

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The body is about 1 cm long, with the tail slightly longer.

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It was an educated guess, based upon a recent iSpot showing or commenting about the Pupa cases of Hoverflies. Nice, what you learn here.

"The larva of these flies are aquatic, rattailed maggots. The cylindrical, grub-like body may be up to 20 mm long with a tail-like breathing tube 30 to 40 mm long. This hard-bodied life stage i s resistant to crushing. The species of rattailed maggots are difficult to determine in the larval stage."

Of course, I may still be wrong, I often am!
In any case it's only possible to be fairly ceratin it's Eristalis but only maybe E.tenax, they being difficult to separate (I read!)
Added (you posted size) it may be bloated from sun and time but longer than websizes.
Though L O O K here
'nourmous in the USA!
Obviously then we are on the right track.

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Many thanks. The sinister

Many thanks. The sinister name will certainly appeal to our 5-year old son!