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Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Observed: 8th July 2009 By: dopey davedopey dave’s reputation in Invertebratesdopey dave’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The first time I have ever seen one in this country. A pleasure to see.

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Bee-hawk moths, other Hawk moths, Silver-Y and other moths can also hover pretty well. The round end of the abdomen is a good ID clue.

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re: Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Thanks for that, I did get quite a few silver Y on my plants on the veranda last year. I don't have a garden. Dave

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Blackneck Moth

We have just had our first Blackneck Moth in our garden in North Derbyshire. Has anyone else had this moth recently in the north?

Jim and Pat Joyce

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Hovering 'moth'

Behavior similar to hummingbirds: hovered at shrub blossoms; did not perch; moved from place to place very swiftly; took off in a straight line, returned almost immediately to resume hovering at blossoms. Wings suggested a moth: seemed triangular. Body length about 2 inches. Wings beating too fast to see color or markings: seemed brown or beige. No tail. Body was fat - sort of cigar-shaped; came to a point at back end. Abdomen striped around like a bee. Could not see a head, antenna, or legs. Never tired of hovering. Thought for a minute we had a cross between a hummingbird and a moth!