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Small Galls

Observed: 14th June 2013 By: jenjen21jenjen21’s reputation in Invertebratesjenjen21’s reputation in Invertebratesjenjen21’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small galls found on oak tree. About 6mm across. One smooth and green with a brown edge. The others brown and wrinkled. All found on leaves.

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Currant galls

I agree that the right hand photo looks like these. It may be in the other photo that the gall wasp has made its way out and the gall has shrivelled. Could also be that something has attacked the leaves which has affected the gall as well.
There's an oak in my garden with currant galls. Some have exit holes and are starting to shrivel slightly and lose their green and red colours. You're further south, so the gall wasps should have left earlier and the galls would be at a more advanced stage of decay.