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Raided bird box

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: Elkstones Curlew

this birdbox has been raided by something in the last week; it was home to some bluetits but something has chewed its way in (the hole was fine a weeek ago); the box sits 15 feet up a smooth pine tree (no lower branches); there is mixed conifer/decisuous woodland 20 metres away; the nest contents have been ejected - no bird remains so presumably by a carnivore of some type; location south peak district, altitude 800'; could it have been a pine marten - thought to be some in the area but I have never seen one

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Quite a wide range of suspects!

In my experience grey squirrels and great spotted woodpeckers are probably the worst serial offenders. I'm not sure, but I think I can see squirrel-like teeth marks in places: but it is also possible that more than one predator was involved.

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same thought

I would agree with Amadan on cause


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Almost certainly a grey squirrel, you can see the teeth marks. Woodpeckers usually, though not always, make the hole in the bottom as they hang upside down. Pine martins will attack bird boxes but I'd expect more damage, i.e. they'd rip the box to pieces.

Graham Banwell

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