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Conservation efforts and changes in biodiversity.

It's amazing to think that in our lifetimes alone many of us will have seen dramatic changes in the biodiversity of so many areas for better or worse. In my lifetime of a meer fifteen years I've seen signifigant changes in Ireland's biodiversity. If it were said ten years ago that they're would be breading White Tailed Sea Eagles in the west of Ireland people would have laughed, but yet here we are monitoring the nest!
From watching UK based wildlife programmes I can't but be amazed at some of the species that have become sucessfully urbanisd and generally common; woodpeckers on feeders, otters in towns, squirrels in gardens and even red kites nesting in back gardens!!! I simply can't imagine that over hear in realism, although it is possible.
The people on iSpot all seem to be very keen on their wildlife and I'm sure that didn't happen overnight. I'd love to know what changes people have seen in their areas in recent years? Just how fast did changes in biodiversity and species populations come about?