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Smith's Cress?

Observed: 5th June 2013 By: ar8922
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Apologies for not having better photos of the stem and leaves but I've been reliably informed that this is Smith's Pepperwort (aka Smith's Cress). Anyone agree or disagree on the available information?

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Well, this is for sure a

Well, this is for sure a Lepidium but from the pictures it could well be L. campestre as well. I am not sure it is possible to tell from these pictures.

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Lepidium sp.

Thanks Ambroise. I was with someone I trust entirely as a botanical expert, so I'm confident in his identification but I also fully accept that I can't expect other iSpot users to have the same confidence based on the limited evidence I've provided.

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No probs, just wanted to

No probs, just wanted to highlight that L. hetero and L. campestre can be difficult to tell apart even when you have a fully mature plant in your hands.

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red anthers

clear red anthers (here dehisced but you can see) are heterophyllum

Tim Rich

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red anthers

Thanks Tim, good to know.