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Stonechat chicks. (added via Android)

Observed: 13th June 2013 By: AláineAláine’s reputation in BirdsAláine’s reputation in BirdsAláine’s reputation in Birds
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Just went for an inpromptu evening ramble and came accross this. Saw the male sticking to the same small patch making contact calls. The male dropped into the reeds and a female stonechat darted out. The chicks were then audible. I waited until the male flew off and managed a peek and this rushed picture. Very excited on this one stonechats had taken a general decline in the area in recent years so this is just fantastic!

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A nice find, but remember that iSpot has a policy of not showing nests, to prevent disturbance to breeding birds.


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Hello Alaine Lovely to hear

Hello Alaine

Lovely to hear about the stonechats mating!
Yes, Ian is right (as always ;-) and observing the behaviour of parents and hearing the chicks is evidence enough of nesting presence and time for the iSpotter to take distance.
Finding nests after such a hard winter is great news for all, just remember iSpot policy is no nest pics to avoid disturbance.
You can refer to the help section for more info.
But please keep us informed of all your exciting finds, you seem to have your senses well awake!

Good iSpotting
Isabel Varela iSpot Mentor for the London region

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Sorry about that one, hadn't

Sorry about that one, hadn't heard of the policy.