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Possible tortoiseshell limpet shell

Observed: 13th June 2013 By: fortvictoriafortvictoria’s reputation in Invertebrates

I think this looks like a tortoiseshell limpet but it shouldn't be found on the South coast, however it is only the shell so could have travelled. What does anyone else think?

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It looks very like examples

It looks very like examples in EOL & Marlin , & ,& couldn't find any google Images like it except 1 which turned out to be Nipponacmea fuscvirens, so a reluctant yes for now EDIT(I've gone & unbroken the link)

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underside would have been....

....a great help as the colouration underneath is a real give away for ID. I'm also a little reluctant to agree.

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Plate limpet

That picture in Chris' broken link should dispel our doubts
It is some-time/-where also known as the Atlantic Place Limpet, which I suspect is Americanish as there is also Pacific Plate Limpet -

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It appears the 'correct name'

It appears the 'correct name' for ispot is tectura testudinalis (or change common name to common tortoiseshell)

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I suspect that Anita may left the arena, though she responded in July this year. One of us (Chris?) should add the correct ID to bring this into line, showing in Other Observations may bring more comment..
You are all right of course, there is some doubt about the pattern and colouration.

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Wrong name
I have waited awhile. It always seems a pity to me that posts with flawed IDs (albeit correctly identified ones) do not form the Panel, complete the Taxonomy links, nor get seen in Other Obs. Here's hoping.