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Black Birds Vs Gulls

Currently, there is only a very dopey pigeon in my back garden, but I have had black birds and gulls all morning. I threw out a bunch of crackers, and breadcrumbs to attract some birds and see how close they would get to my window, and only the Blackbirds seems to be adventurous enough to get close. Surely the gulls who are incredibly ferocious in St Andrews would not be nervous about an open window with me inside of it? Yet they wouldn't even come close to where I was. The blackbirds on the other hand have come within about a meter.

I would post a picture of the pigeon, it is actually the stupidest bird I have ever seen. and I can't stop laughing. But if anyone has any ideas about the blackbirds and the gulls, that would be great!



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Despite their voracious appetites, they are wary of certain situations - one of which is food deliberately put out. Bizarre, when you see them skilfully and aggressively pinching chips out of the paper while people are holding the food close to them!
Maybe they just turned their beaks up at such meagre fare? They do seem to go for quantity!

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Blackbirds and gulls

I have a small back yard/patio which has a lot of greenery and is full of blackbirds, sparrows andstarlings. If I leave door or window open the blackbirds come inside the kitchen - they are particularly partial to butter!
Even though I live at the coast and there are gulls all around, they never come into the yard. I think they are just afraid of enclosed spaces.
J Thubron

J Thubron