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Unknown micro moth

Observed: 9th June 2013 By: sussexmikesussexmike’s reputation in Invertebratessussexmike’s reputation in Invertebratessussexmike’s reputation in Invertebratessussexmike’s reputation in Invertebrates
Micro moth

2-3 of these running around on nettle leaves mid-afternoon.

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Psychodids are tricky things

Psychodids are tricky things are really only identified under the microscope at very high resolution

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I know, but... it really impossible to get anywhere from the markings alone? I've noticed on specialist sites there are a certain number of confident IDs given from the patterning, and the markings do seem remarkably consistent for at least some species. In some other groups that have traditionally been regarded as microscope jobs (e.g. delphacids) it turns out that almost all are easily identifiable from good macrophotographs; I do wonder whether the same is true of psychodids.

I've started a forum topic on these in an attempt to get somewhere with identifying them based on pictures - even if genus is as far as it's possible to go. Any input would be much appreciated, Roger.