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Help with ID please

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: PeterRSLPeterRSL’s reputation in InvertebratesPeterRSL’s reputation in InvertebratesPeterRSL’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Douglas, can you explain how you did that please. I spent ages looking and obviously failed.

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Hi Derek,

The most honest thing for me to say is 'because it just is' - I know that's rather unhelpful but it's quite hard to explain - there's no one feature which tells me it's Grey Pug, it just is!

Grey Pug is quite a large pug, being quite vertically wide (from top to bottom wing). It has a prominent rounded discal spot. It's ground colour is grey and has lots of clear cross-lines running along both forewings and hindwings.

By the way, the 'Mottled Pug' on your link is actually mis-identified, hard to know what it is because it's worn but it's not Mottled.

Best wishes,

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strong n long

Douglas, I understand. There are things like this that I know - hard to explain.
It's OK too, one of the mysteries of strong n long experience.
And, of course, a lesson about the Web; wonderful but sometimes untrustworthy!
I hope you get agreements!