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Observed: 12th June 2013 By: GentalisGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in Birds
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Sanderling 2
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Thank you.

Thank you for your ID help. i was not sure.

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Two other points to note

Agreed, juvenile Dunlin don't necessarily show a blackish belly, but they have generally got streaking along the flanks and across the front of the breast, as well as a longer, more decurved bill; though the latter's very subjective on a single bird like this!

Crucially, however, Dunlin (and all other Calidris except Sanderling) also has a hind toe - and you can make out just enough of the back of the legs in this photo when at full-res to see that there's no hind toe present on this bird: which clinches Sanderling.


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Thanks for your help.

Thank you, i have added a second photo, it shows the legs, i did not know about the toes. we do get Dunlin on the same shore, also Turnstone and Purple Sandpiper (in summer plumage) before they leave, i will check this year to see if the Sanderling stay through the summer. Dunlin and Turnstone in small numbers stay with us.