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Green Caterpillar

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: MarkGriffithsMarkGriffiths’s reputation in InvertebratesMarkGriffiths’s reputation in Invertebrates
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found on a nettle in garden, green with lighter speckles, cream/ yellow line on the top and on the side. Other thank guessing it's a moth caterpillar I'd be interested in an ID.
It's been identified here as a Copper Underwing but as another members states it doesn't have a hump at the back - so it's definately not a Copper Underwing.

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Doesn't look like Copper

Doesn't look like Copper Underwing, or Svensson's Copper Underwing ( both should have a hump towards the tail end. This doesn't seem to be there in the photo.)

I only know because I've recently identified one down to one of these two species.

Another photo from a diffent angle may help.


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I'm struggling to identify this. I've looked on ukleps and ukmoths web sites, but there are many similar looking green caterpillars, some which look nearly but not quite right. Trouble is the markings can be so variable, so even two caterpillars of the same species can look different.

Think all I can say is it is a Noctuid due to the five prolegs (claspers).