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Unknown Campanula naturalised on Plymouth Hoe

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: Plymouth PhilPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in PlantsPlymouth Phil’s reputation in Plants
Campanula sp, Plymouth Hoe

This little Campanula looks to be naturalised on the limestone rocks of Plymouth Hoe. Can anyone offer to put a name to it, please? It is smaller in all its parts than C. portenschlagiana and C. poscharskyana which are familiar to me and grow commonly on Plymouth's stone walls.

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Campanula pulla

There is an image at of a plant called Campanula pulla looking close to the Plymouth Hoe plant. Unfortunately, all the other Google images of C. pulla look quite different!

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Plymouth Hoe Campanula

There are about fifteen plants to be seen on Plymouth Hoe and I have put more images of this Campanula on Flikr

Ralph Forbes, BSBI referee, is pretty certain that the plant is Campanula garganica. He says:

"I am pretty certain that this is Campanula garganica, a widely grown, rather variable free-flowering endemic species from SE Italy and Cephalonia in W Greece. There are a number of garden varieties grown by Alpine gardeners, although it can be a bit invasive as it seeds itself about readily. Flower colour varies from a clear blue to pure white.
It was recorded in a pavement crack in Liverpool in 1987 (BSBI News 48: page 35)."