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Bird call

Observed: 5th June 2013 By: Bob Spode
Local landscape; not in June!

I heard a new ( to me ) bird call. It was the same call repeated with a few seconds between. I can best describe it as a Poowee ascending. My impression was of a medium-sized rather than a small bird. Any suggestions?

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What kind of tone?

Greenfinches wheeze somewhat. Coal Tit and Siskin both make a call which I'd describe as 'poo-eee'/'tsoo-eee', but are high-pitched and 'sweet' sounding. There's a good few others too! If you can get a bit of video with sound attached that might be identifiable...?!


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RSPB site

Have you tried the RSPB site where you can listen to the bird song and calls?

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Mystery bird call

The nearest tone I have found on the RSPB site is the hoopoe, but the call I heard was distinctly ascending. We have heard it several times now and it always stands out from the usual.Perhaps more poo-oo than poo-ee.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Left-field suggestion

What about Stock Dove? Vaguely Hoopoe-like and a rising tone... tough to do this from a distance though!!