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Hedera helix vs H. hibernica

There are two common Ivys, H. helix and H. himernica. This "looks" like H. helix. H. hibernica is only rarely marbled and tends (I believe) to be less of a climber. However the only sure way to confirm the ID is to look at the star-shaped hairs on the back of the leaf surface. It's best to pick the newest, freshest leaf you can find as the hears wear off pretty quickly. In H. hibernica these lie flat on the leaf surface, in H. helix at least some stick up away from the surface. Not the sort of character which it's easy to see from a photograph, but usually clear under a hand lens. And the more you look the more you find. I have been surprised how often H. hibernica crops up in my Vice County (North Northumberland).

Chris Metherell
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