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Copse Snail and Dusky Slug

Observed: 5th June 2013 By: breanobreano’s reputation in Invertebratesbreano’s reputation in Invertebrates

Both were together naturally when photographed, did not move together for sake of photo

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Snail and Slug

I would be more inclined to go with Arianta arbustorum for the snail and Arion subfuscus/fuscus for the slug.

Regards Chris...

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I agree with Chris

The chocolate flecks and brown band on keel are very typical of Arianta. Also agree with provisional slug ID too.


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Amend the identification

Hi both,

Could I suggest that you amend the identification otherwise we'll be left with an incorrect one!

Andy Keay

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Go on Chris

You spotted it first....

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thats the part i don't like. :(

I suppose i will...