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Observed: 10th June 2013 By: DodgydougDodgydoug’s reputation in BirdsDodgydoug’s reputation in BirdsDodgydoug’s reputation in Birds
Magpie 1
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This bird kept scrabbling about in the tree, clumsily creeping from branch to branch. All the time I was there, two other Magpies were making a loud alarm call (the one that sounds like an old football rattle). I presume this bird was a fledgling just out of the nest? Does anyone know if there are any key visual features that show it is a juvenile?

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Fledgling because of...

...very short tail and a whacking great soft gape still visible at the base of the bill. The black feathers on the breast in particular look a rather sooty matt black, rather than the glossy black of adult plumage, though that's a more subtle feature.