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Trips out in Essex

Hi folks, I am new member who has plenty of time on my hands as I am retired. I spend way too much time on my own because I don't know many people in this corner of Essex who are into nature and wildlife walks as I am. If there is anybody who is interested in sharing the occasional foray to various places of interest, could you please let me know. I have my own car and have no objection to very early or very late trips.
Thank you, Dave (not really dopey)
ps: my preferred subject is butterflies, wild flowers, fungi, low light photography, and anything else of beauty.



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Just a thought.....

Do you know if you have a local natural history society or similar? Even an "amateur" ambling/rambling/walking club?

They vary, and they vary in who they attract to excursions, and what sort of excursions they run, but if you pick and choose.......

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Photo walks

Thank you for the info. The problem I have is I got ill a few years back and don't work anymore so I have every day of the week to try to fill. There are quite a few sites within a resonable driving distance, however, a few new ideas will always come in handy. Dave