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A Beetle

Observed: 11th June 2013 By: coltishallswiftscoltishallswifts’s reputation in Invertebratescoltishallswifts’s reputation in Invertebrates

One of a number of minibeasts found this morning

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I think this might be C.

I think this might be C. nigricans, but they are v. similar. more info and pictures here:

Rob Coleman

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ID revision.

Rob I think I see why you say it is C. nigricans, and I agree with you after looking at other examples on the internet, I was just looking for the dark blotch found on a specimen I'd seen before. I now see that here the pronotum is more yellow and paler around the edges and that the dark marking on the rear femora is wider than in C. pellucida. Thanks for making me take a better look at the observation, next time I shall try to look for more diagnostic features before jumping to conclusions.

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Hi Steve - this field key is

Hi Steve - this field key is useful:

C. pellucida and C. nigricans are very alike but I think C. pellucida is much brighter in overall appearance.


Rob Coleman

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Thanks Rob, I've downloaded

Thanks Rob, I've downloaded the key and it looks like it will prove to be a great help, certainly better than trying to find images that match mine on the internet or in books.