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Common Bluetail teneral male (Ischnura elegans)

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: BruceHBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in InvertebratesBruceH’s reputation in Invertebrates
Common Bluetail teneral male
Common Bluetail teneral male

Clinging to a reed stem at the edge of a lake.

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It's a female

Yes, a Blue-tailed Dam but it's an infuscans female - you can just see the ovipositor disappearing behind the stem in the first picture. The dull brown top to S8 and the general light green colouration indicate this.

How's the weather now, Bruce?


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Shortage of odos

The weather has just turned warm for the first time this year. There has been a real shortage of dragons and damsels, with dragons appearing for the first time within the last few days. I think the reason is that the water has only just started to warm up in shallow lakes, whereas it is still a bit cold in the river. Day by day more are appearing. Just in time for me to return to UK!