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Observed: 10th June 2013 By: Deb1767

Approx. 75mm in length.

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This may be -

A Picture-Winged Fly, of which there are a great many. If you're lucky, one of the invertebrates geniuses will be able to get it at least to genus.

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It's always good to report which plant you find these flies on, as they are plant-specific. Any idea what this one was on?


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Hi Ian,
No - unfortunately not. I was working at my laptop and it flew into the house from the garden. I have a lot of Yellow Irises in flower around my pond at the moment otherwise could be anything. The garden backs onto open rough meadow too.
Thanks for the suggestion though - my first posting on ispot!

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fig 235

I should have mentioned that this is the wing pattern for a female. The male's wing (fig. 234) looks quite different:

do you have nettles in your garden?

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