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I found him clinging to a tree by the side of the road, so I moved him round back to the garden.

Observed: 13th July 2007 By: dopey davedopey dave’s reputation in Invertebratesdopey dave’s reputation in Invertebrates
large Thorn Moth

I have never seen such a fat moth before.

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Well, it's definitely a female thorn! I'm struggling to choose between Large and Canary-shouldered based just on the evidence in the photo, but given the time of year and what can be seen of the markings I've come down in favour of Canary-shouldered, as suggested by Jamaises. Do you have any more photos from different angles?

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Re: possible misidentification of a fat moth.

Hi Martin, I will post some more piccies of the Thorn so you can have a peek at them and maybe correctly identify it for me, many thanks, Dave

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Thanks for the extra photos Dave. I'm now beginning to waver back in favour of Large Thorn! It's quite a strongly marked example, but the spot marking in the middle of the wing looks more like an open circle than a crescent, which seems to fit with Large Thorn. And the hair on the thorax doesn't look sufficiently yellow for Canary-shouldered Thorn.

I must admit that I'm at a disadvantage here in that I've never seen a live Large Thorn - I'm county moth recorder for Berkshire and it's a species that's never been recorded in that county! Would be good to hear from others who have seen the species in the flesh.

Is that Buddleia it is sitting on? If so, the flowers seem to have gone to seed - are you sure it was found as early as 13 July?

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Re|: Date.

Hi Martin, I can't be absolutely certain, but they were manky old bushes on their last legs as my dad never trimmed them back for new growth. Dave