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Observed: 10th June 2013 By: ar8922
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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My identification is really just a guess, so can anyone tell me what type of thistle this is?

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Marsh Thistle?

Chris, thanks for the ID. I'd assume from the name that Marsh Thistle would prefer a wet habitat... is that correct? This one is growing on quite a steep, high and dry bit of moorland heath above woodland.

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Marsh Thistle

Hi, I've seen them growing in all sorts of habitats in my area and not necessarily wet ones.

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Marsh Thistle

That would fit then... thanks again.

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Dark stem to stems and leaf edges

Marsh thistles have a 'darker' appearance due to the purple flushing around the edges to the leaves and stems. Like Chris, I've found them in all sorts of habitats, wet and dry.

Debbie Alston

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Dark edges

Thanks Debbie, that's a useful ID tip.