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Straggly seaweed in Cornish rockpool

Observed: 23rd May 2013 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in Plants
Eudesme virescens tbc

A thin straggly seaweed with cylindrical branching fronds c. 8-12 inches long in a Cornish rockpool. Seems to match Eudesme virescens well, but there may be other possibilities...

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Well Nick, it does look like it. You will have done what have just done, checked the web. Stuff like this is very difficult to key out without it being to hand.
Lily Newton (1931) has it as Castagnea virescens ( a known synonym) -
Frond alternatively branched with numerous ramuli
Turning green, filiform, secondary branches given off at wide angles.
Fronds at first solid, later becoming fistulous.
She has an illustration which might fit and a section which does not help us at all!

So you might ONLY be right but how can we be certain? We need several pictures and probably a cross section to be more sure..
I am here because I have posed a question regarding a transparent, friable, speckled algae of the shape and structure of yours.
I have a whole run of excellent pictures - none microscopic. Two leading experts have suggested Eudesme having lost some of its pigment. Maybe I will make a post of it.
I don't suppose you were expecting an agreement but we deserve comments surely!
Your link is broken - here's another
How much chance for us when EOL does this (does anyone ever check?)

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for your comments. working night shifts filming beavers hence brief, late reply. N

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