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Aa 7.6.13 046

Observed: 7th June 2013 By: Ann BaughanAnn Baughan’s reputation in Invertebrates
aa 7.6.13 046

Flying insect. About 1/2 inch in length

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Hi Mark, can we rule out the Dune Chafer ? It might be safer to go with a Scarabaeidae ID to cover both species as I'm not sure we can tell one way or the other for sure.

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I had completely forgot about

I had completely forgot about Dune Chafer. Not sure there is enough detail in the photo to make a definite id but I'm sure you are right.

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I would say Anomala dubia

I would say Anomala dubia might be a better bet given habitat, and Hoplia philanthus is also pretty similar too

Rob Coleman