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Tiny crawler

Observed: 7th June 2013 By: paula ferrispaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebratespaula ferris’s reputation in Invertebrates
Tiny crawler

Tiny gelatinous animal seen down field scope, body size of E pilosa zooid, spans Lomentaria articulata segment at full stretch. 6 limbs bifurcating to padded "feet", each can move independently & through 360 degrees. May have head region, scope too poor for photo or even clear view, the v rough sketch may be better than nothing - just.

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What source?

Where was the little creature found?

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Little creature

Spotted down field scope crawling round Lomentaria articulate segment - in clump of algae collected from half way down vertical side of 2m deep 1mm wide surge gulley just below low water on moderately low spring tide. Later active on E pilosa on Lomentaria.

Other animals in gulley of interest to me included Sagartia spp., Stalked Jellyfish spp., Pawsonia saxicola.

I am a novice.

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Another Tag

You are quickly becoming a deserving regular exhibitor in our projects Paula.
This post qualifies for >>Illustrating Observations<< so can you add the tag illustration1? Please?

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"I am a novice."

Not compared to me, you aren't!
I really don't have a clue. It looks amoeboid, but I'm sure you've already considered and dismissed that idea. Sorry.

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tiny crawler

Not good on amoeba, but I didn't consider it because it had such a clearly defined shape and was altogether too controlled in its movements. Thanks for responding, I feel encouraged to try a couple of other mystery animals now.

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can't help but

novice or not - a good field sketch and a detailed description are such rare things, you should be awarded points and prizes!
Excellent. I hope you get an ID!

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Cnidarian larva

is a possibility. Have a look at

though yours has bifid arms, there is a similarity.
Very interesting and challenging. I will keep looking.


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Yes Jo, you should be present at the prize-giving having found Prof Houseman's stuff - fascinating.

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That looks good to me

With the caveat (as above) that I'm not clued-up on this habitat. Well done, JoC!

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Now.... I blundered into this.
A note with description, emailed to Svetlana Maslakova might be productive. She is not UK based.
I do find her Blog very interesting

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tiny crawler

What great responses which I have only just found, still learning my way round ispot. The creature definitely had split ends, bifid arms, thanks Jo. Going back to Polzeath next week, will look out for more, also trying drawing lessons before I approach Svetlana - fascinating blog, thanks.
Maybe see some of you at Looe bioblitz tomorrow? We've got one in N Devon 7 Sept.


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Eleutheria dichotoma?

This has moved on Paula (as if you didn't know).
Perhaps you could add the ID from where everyone should go (is there anyone?)

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I see Dejay already has
(I hadn't read to the bottom of the trail, which is surprisingly long for an unidentified sketch