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R.i.p. holly

Observed: 9th June 2013 By: patpat’s reputation in Plants

this morning i had a holly tree beloved by thrushes then i went for a walk and a neighbour hopped over the fence and cut it down. gutted wish evrything had fledged.

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holly tree

understand how you feel. trees are friends, and it's a horrible way to lose one. have you read Binsey Poplars by Gerard Manley Hopkins?

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kind words

thank you

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An understandable act-

perhaps, if it had been a Leylandii - though a quick word beforehand would have helped. But a holly? Is the man deranged?

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you're right a word before would have helped but he dosn't care and now it's done it's done. i was thinking of replacing with leylandii and russian vine though i guess he'd cut that down too. thanks pat

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It is in any case the wrong

It is in any case the wrong time of year for such work. Tree work should cease during Feb - August to allow wild birds to breed. To disturb or destroy a bird's nest is in contravention of The Wildlife and Countryside Act, whatever type of tree.(RSPB can advise).

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thanks for replying, i did

thanks for replying, i did phone police but they said it was just a civil offence.i have no proof that birds were there and he is saying that the tree was about to fall over which it wasn't but i can't prove that either. so he's laughing and i don't want to live here anymore. pat

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A perennial problem - you just have to grin and bear it, and plant whatever he'll tolerate.
It's a form of bullying, really, and the support you'll get from the authorities will be minimal. You could try the local council tree warden?

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You could check with the

You could check with the council if the tree had a Tree protection order on it, if so he is liable to prosicution.