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White Poplar

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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I think that the leaf shape ...

... indicates Populus canescens or Populus tremula.

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Leaf shape looks wrong for Aspen. P. tremula leaves generally more consistently rounded with more frequent lobes than these. Hard to distinguish from pic 1, but I'd suggest either White or Grey poplar.

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Can be tricky

I've misidentified Grey Poplar for Aspen myself and it is not always easy to tell them apart, especially when the leaves are way up in the canopy. The bark of mature Aspens and Grey Poplars are more or less identical. And the literature is not always helpful. Rose gives illustrations which show the difference most clearly IMV. The rounded, frequently scalloped "cookie-cutter" leaf of the Aspen is the more usual leaf form and does not seem to be present here. As indicated, I may be wrong. P. canescens is a hybrid of the first two, so ID added for completeness.

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Having gone back and looked

Having gone back and looked at the pics. with a lens I withdraw my i.d.