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Eriophyes laevis

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Eriophyes laevis
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I am trying to get all UK plant gall postings in one place


This will hopefully increase the "visibilty" to people interested in plant galls and increase identifcation/confirmation rates

There are cureently over 400 records collected

Could you please tag any plant gall records "plant gall" or "plant gall causer" - without speech marks

Thanks in anticipation - appologies if you get multiple requests as I am trawling through past records.

If you feel reasonably confident in your id why not go to "other observations and confirm them - Following Derek's advice

Mark Wilson

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How frustrating, to have this on display for over two years without a single interaction - until we came, Mark and I.
I do hope you are not so jaded as to abandon the idea. My excuse is that I have only just found this, and you, via your most recent post..
I feel, considering your location and the possible rarity of the organisms you are posting, that you might -
♦ give us more in the way of description, if you can
♦ consider sending such things as this, certainly Eriophyes laevis, to the HBRG collator of records; you will find him extremely helpful, for one thing, but your records are potentially of great value to distribution maps
♦ take and post a few more pictures, each time - one is never enough for positive IDs
Only might mind you - I am well aware that all that takes time and energy.
As for Eriophyes laevis then you might do well to have this link in your bookmarks The whole website is excellent; search for organisms through the Host Plant name.
I wish you well
ðJ (Orkney)