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Which Artemisia?

Observed: 2nd June 2013 By: joolsjools’s reputation in Plantsjools’s reputation in Plantsjools’s reputation in Plants

Highly aromatic, I recognise the smell and the style of the leaves from cultivated varieties of Artemisia. Not very tall, no flowers present, perhaps because it's early in the growing season?. I am uncertain of the variety found here but think it may be Artemisia Maritima.

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I can't distinguish abinsthum from maritima from ...

... this photograph, so I looked up the distribution, to see if that helped. Artemisia maritima is a mostly an east coast species, but there are several records from the vicinity of Milford Haven (but not St. Bride's Bay). Artemisia absinthum main current distribution is in a belt from Birmingham to Barnsley, but it has a number of localities on the west coast, including Pembrokeshire. It has been recorded from St. Bride's Bay, but not recently.

In either case it is rare enough that the country recorder is probably interested.

[Artemisia vulgaris can look rather gray early in the year, but I think that the linear leaf segments eliminate this.]