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Observed: 5th June 2013 By: JaesunJJaesunJ’s reputation in Plants

Anyone with any ideas what the long-leaved, furry plant here is? There were distinct "teeth" or spines along the leaf edges. It has me stumped I am afraid. No doubt it will turn out to be something pretty common.

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Knapweed was what I was thinking ...

... though it is rather nondescript at this stage. But what is meant by "teeth or spines along the leaf edges"?

I don't recall whether knapweed is ciliate (with hairs along the edges of the leaves), which is how I would interpret this photograph, but ciliate and spiny are not the same.

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Even on highest magnification the edges of the leaves look hairy, not spiny. I'm going to a site where there should be lots of this tomorrow, I'll have a close look!

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I checked today and this is definitely C. nigra. See http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/337776

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The leaves were hairy, but

The leaves were hairy, but they also had very clear, sharp, apparantly defensive spines on the edges of the leaves, a bit like the thistles to which I understand Centaurea is related. Thistle-like spines is what I mean, along the edges of the leaves, fairly widely spaced out and stronger on the younger leaves.

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Any chance they could have been the hydathodes? You can see them on my photo linked above. Hydathodes are glands that exude water.