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Unidentified Bird's nest

Observed: 7th June 2013 By: mrsergeant

The children in my class found this nest, and have since observed a small brown bird sitting on eggs. The nest is siutated at the bottom of a tree, however it has not dropped out of the tree, it looks to be built there on purpose.

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iSpot does not like postings of active nests, due to the disturbance this can cause.
The fact that it is on the ground should limit the choices considerably.
Have a browse of the RSPB web site, that might give you some clues: or this one:

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This is probably a Wren’s nest. Normally domed but often with the dome omitted, built from dry grass or similar plant material. Small, typically 17mm, white egg with fine brown speckling (can be more pronounced) at the large end.

You would be surprised how many species nest either on the ground or very close to.

Hope this has helped.

As mentioned above it is iSpot’s policy not to show active nests. You may be interested in a scheme run by the British Trust for Ornithology called the Nest Recording Scheme, The monitoring season is starting to wind down now but it is still good fun and the scheme can be participated in as a group.