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A farm escapee?

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: peterapp

This grass, with very long awns(?) might be an escapee from the adjacent fields which are under arable cultivation.

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Can you tell us how long the

Can you tell us how long the awns and or spikelets are?

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How long are the awns?

The awns were about 8cm long (as long as my middle finger - adult male).

The spikelets were very, very slender. There was no noticeable swelling at the base of the awns. It was the absence of any visible spikelets that caused me to reject Barren Brome as a possible id. On reflection though: is it simply too early in the season for the seeds to have swollen yet?


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It must be Anisantha diandra

It must be Anisantha diandra then. The other thing to check is that the axis of the inflorescence is hairy in Anisantha diandra.

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8cm sounds too long even for diandra. I wonder if there is some confusion. It seems early for it, too. Looks like sterilis to me.


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Yes, I assumed they were

Yes, I assumed they were refering to the whole spikelet which would be about right for A. diandra.