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There are a number of observations (e.g., where the person posting has not added a scientific name.
This appears usually due to inexperience, and, recognising the fact; more experienced users then advise them how to do so. Unfortunately, someone else then jumps in and beats them to it.
Perhaps the advise on etiquette should include a request to give these users time to correct their error?



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I think you're right

It's kind to allow people time to get used to the site and to complete their correct IDs. We do seem to have quite a few new users at the moment, which is great. or two of these don't seem to pay any attention to the comments of more experienced users. Frustrating!

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on to it

You are right but there are more FAR more without an ID at all - the very worst examples of 'Blind Posting'.
As for comments, generally I seem to be wasting my time asking newcomers for just a little more ID information - they have no ticks in the Results Filter.
The solution? There may be one but it will require Admin to get onto it.
A SHORT email to First Posters, explaining some very basic protocol.

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That's a good idea

A pro forma e-mail to new contributors might help a lot.

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One of the great things about iSpot is that it is very accessible and doesn't bombard you with information. I think we should keep it that way...I don't think an e-mail to new contributors is necessary. All sorts of people use iSpot, of all ages; most soon get the hang of it. If the odd one takes longer, it doesn't really matter.