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Harbour Seal

Observed: 4th June 2013 By: gramandy
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Harbour Seal

Picture taken at the full extreme distance for this camera. Hence pic 2 - 38kb. This was the nearest we could get to the seals. They were at the mouth of the R.Stour and the area directly in front is prime bird nesting marsh area redshanks, terns etc. so cordoned off as a no-go area.

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Graham, there are some Harbours with pups here - just a few. First one was two weeks early at around May 18 - now huge.
Might there be pups there?
The pic is just distinct enough - just. But as always a few words of description does it.

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sure there...

...are and maybe the sandy one (pic 2) could be a pup? There are excursions from Ramsgate round to the mouth here which would give a better look at these guys - I may take up on one of these outings for a proper look.

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Seal pups

I wouldn't like to say if any of the ones in your photo were pups or not; some adult common seals can look pale brown when dry. The pale animal looks to have the fully proportioned head of an adult but I really can not be sure as the photo is too blurred I'm afraid.

Graham Banwell

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