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Are they making a bee nest?

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: em13

We have lots of bee's coming and going from our insect house. I think they are honey bee's? They are bringing lots of vivid yellow pollen (rape seed pollen)? and then sealing off the ends. Are they making a nest or a larder?


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Possibly Red Mason Bee's or a similar species which often nest in these custom made houses. They seal the end of the tubes with mud.

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There seem to be lots of them

There seem to be lots of them coming and going, not just one solotary bee at a time. I will take photo of bee later if i can to aid identification.

I have two young children around is it best to relocate as its just behind the main patio?

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Red mason bees - Osmia sp

Almost certainly Red Mason Bees - that's what these boxes are designed for. Reds, are similar to a honeybee to the layman but look closely, they have orangey-red furry bodies. They prefer a certain diameter hole , 6 or 7mm.
You may also see Blue Mason Bees (a metallic blue-black body) and later in year, Leafcutter bees (Megachile spp) that seal up the tubes with chewed leaf sections ( oftern from roses, those perfect little sections cut out that you see.

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Mason Bees

In general, the various "non-Honey-Bee" types are very inoffensive. I believe many can sting, but seldom do so.
Unless you have someone with a known serious allergy, relocation is probably not required. Enjoy!