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Android problems-update

Really enjoying getting involved in ispot so thanks for everything
Just updating you that the problems I experience with android app persist, namely:
- I can't select the first option in either the level of certainty ( as sure as can be), or the habitat ( coastal - problem as I live in Pembrokeshire)
I'm getting tired of having to write 'android wont let me say 'as sure as I can be'' on most posts
- when I place the pin on the map for a spot it invariably moves c.300m to the wsw
I have had messages from Rachel about how these problems have been noted but thought I'd put them up here and see if anyone else suffers from them? I have an HTC ONE XL if that is of interest to anyone!



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Hi Tom Thanks for reporting

Hi Tom
Thanks for reporting these issues, which we'll follow up, as discussed. It would also be good to know if anyone else is having these specific problems. Have also added a second post here to highlight the issue.
Many thanks

Clare Flynn