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Observed: 1st June 2013 By: BirdbathBirdbath’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Tergite markings

I don't think the angle of the yellow spots is particularly any different between the species, is it? Looking at some specimens, I can't see much difference, anyway. The dust spots on the frons look like scalare, but I'm a little wary of that since noticing that mellinum females appear to show broad dust spots from certain angles, even though they are actually only small.


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Its difficult to quantify size of dust spots in the field Ian , melanostoma we know that for sure but likely scalare as a possibility Perhaps the adding of an other image if available ? More shots like below would be great

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THere is no case for using

THere is no case for using the shape of the abdominal spots (at least at the moment but wait 'till Alan splits both scalare and mellinum - it is on the cards!).

Using current systems my view is that this is M. scalare based on the frons dust spots.