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Fern #4

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: peterapp

Fourth (and last for today) observation of a fern sp. Different from Ferns #1, #2 and #3 observations?

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Species with which Broad Buckler-fern (Dryopteris dilatata) interacts


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Buckler Ferns

Fern lesson 3. Look to see how many pinnate the fern is, in this case it's tri-pinnate. Then, and of course one can't do this from a photograph, turn it over. From general appearance this looks like a Dryopteris sp, the tripinnate species being known as Buckler Ferns. You could confirm by turning the frond over and looking at the spore cases. In Dryopteris these are kidney shaped. There are four buckler ferns and a good way to start working out which one you have is to take a sample of the scales from the base of the main stem. If these have a dark centre or stripe then you almost certainly have D. dilitata. If the scales are unmarked and you are in wetland area then you are probably looking at D. carthusiana, adn in an upland area perhaps at D. expansa. D. aemula has dark/purple bases to the scales. There are of course other differences too. On jizz, this looks like D. dilatata.

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Hi Chris,
I'm familiar with jizz for birds - but for ferns? That's a new one on me!
thanks for this lesson on fern id.

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