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Trivia and Ascidian

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: dejayM
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the ascidian
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A Groatie Buckie (Trivia monacha) on its preferred food source - an Ascidian.
Two sorts of Groatie, one without spots too.
I have found many shells on the North Sea coasts; this is my first from Scapa Flow and my first ever live one.
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Star Ascidian is a Sea squirt colony (Bryozoa).
The structure and identity of these yellow ones is the subject of a debate here

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star ascidians

are usually placed in the hemi-chordates, not Bryozoa.


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That's fair, I had read this in H&R
Phylum Chordata: Subphyllum Urochordata (=Tunicta) which I think is one step removed...
but was afraid to overstep my meagre experience.
I have YET to look at the systematic way Phylum, Class, Order, Family and Genus are sorted - particularly for the squidgy things.

The post was for you specially Jo. - see

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The non-spotted cowrie (groatie) is likely to be Trivia arctica. If I remember correctly there are two species of cowrie (groatie) in the UK - one with spots (monacha) and the other without (arctica).

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But not all that simple...

This post suggests that it is more complicated than a simple lack of spots and that juvenile monacha also lack spots. Just for info...

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third picture

Yes David, thanks. It's true that they are sometimes very difficult to separate and my third pic above does not help.
See also

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Thanks for the... I love the picture linked to - very macabre!

I have some pics of Trivia underwater, which aren't great. I'll be sure to look out for them when I'm diving this weekend...


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Dave welcome back - (recent marine agreements). I have another T.arctica here - read the comments, so valuable.
Time for some more posts then?