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Dead bird (added via Android)

Observed: 8th June 2013 By: valiantveggievaliantveggie’s reputation in Birds
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Dead bird found immediately outside the communal entrance to my block of flats. Any idea which species this might be and what might have killed it? It's puzzling and disturbing as I found another dead bird in the same spot last year

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Great Tit

It's a very young Great Tit and could have died for any number of reasons, to be honest. It's not unusual to find young birds dead in the same place year after year..I see the same where I work, with Great Tits, Blackbirds...etc. If you have a healthy population in an area, you get's why they lay a large clutch, because lots will die in the first few weeks. It could have flown into a window, been hit by a car, killed by a cat, died of lack of food...etc.


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