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Plant - Red Valerian

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Plant - Red Valerian - 07.06.2013

There is a white version alongside of the red, is this a separate type or a white version of the red?

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Red, pink or white...

...they are all Red Valerian, Centranthus ruber.

According to Rose, the corollas are "deep pink, scarlet, or white".

According to my personal observation of this plant, it comes in all shades from white to red, through dirty pink, dusky pink, and dark pink: there are some cultivars for garden use (generally more compact than the species) and I suspect that all of them hybridise fairly freely.

Hope this helps.

Rachy Ramone

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My books also state that it

My books also state that it comes in white also, but there is so much of it nearby, I just wondered about a cultivar. Thanks Rachy.