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Species with which Colt's-foot (Tussilago farfara) interacts


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Thistle leaf in picture.

There is a tiny flash of thistle leaf below the seed head but not enough to say which species. I presumed the seed head belongs to the thistle plant but not enough to go on really. And it is a little early for thistle seed.

Colts foot sounds good too, but I would have expected some huge fleshy leaves with it.

Impossible to tell without more information sorry.

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Re: Thistle leaf in picture.

I think I see Cirsium arvense foliage behind the seed head.

I'm fairly sure that this is coltsfoot. At this angle I would expect the leaves to be out of picture at the bottom.

For a thistle, I would expect to see a relatively narrower head, with visible involucral bracts. To reject a dandelion head I appeal to jizz.