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Speckled wood

Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: Iris003Iris003’s reputation in InvertebratesIris003’s reputation in InvertebratesIris003’s reputation in Invertebrates
Speckled wood

Found in city, no where near a wood.

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parks and gardens

Although very characteristic of woodland rides, Speckled Woods can also be found in garden and park situations, or along hedgerows. A lovely photo.

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Speckled wood

Dear Martin, we weren't sure so thank you for this info.


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I would say that these appear

I would say that these appear to be getting more common - normally in shady places but certainly not restricted to woods.


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Speckled wood

We regularly get these in our garden and the nearest suitable wood is half a mile away; however, they are very common in there.

Graham Banwell

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