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Short-horned grasshopper (acrididae)

Observed: 20th June 2011 By: RoseJonesRoseJones’s reputation in Invertebrates
Short-horned grasshopper
Short-horned grasshopper, HG walk

About 6cm long. Excellent camoflage. Big eyes but not right on top of the head. Any idea what species?

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Ground hopper?

I've searched on ground hopper tetrigidae, andyk, but am not convinced by the (very variable) images nor the info. It wasn't huge but at about 5-6 cm was a bit big for a ground hopper. It was also a bit smooth compared to the spiky edges of the hopper pics I've seen. Thanks for the idea though. Any other possibilities?

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Not a cricket

Crickets have long to very long antennae, so this is either a groundhopper or a grasshopper and, sorry, I can't help further.

Andy Keay

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Not a cricket

Thanks, that's something to know. There are lots of crickets, hoppers & grasshoppers here, especially on the mountain tracks in summer, and I'm struggling to distinguish them.